Saturday, March 31, 2012


So, my day yesterday was brimming with the awesomeness of continuing a two day long Scrubs Marathon that was developing into a full blown coma ... of awesome. 

Then I was hit up by Michelle Blanchard, lead singer of Life Down Here asking if I was going to make it to her show. Being oh-so wonderfully suave I sputtered, checked the dates, realized I had been invited for some time ago and lost track of the dates, and told her I'd totally be there. Then I went on a mission to make it to her show or bust. Fortunately, not only did I find a friend who was totally down to go, he had a great time, saying "Just by listening, you'd never guess they aren't already a major band." 

Which is good, because she isn't the kind of girl you want to piss off.
So the show was, in a word, amazing, as always. It's not too often (but not too rarely) they make it out to Vegas, so getting to catch them made for a great time. They were high energy, they have damn good songs (several of which were brand new), And the guitarist, Jeff Dennis wasn't sick this time (he played a hellova show even when he was), and Michelle has a great rapport with the crowd.

And awesome purple hair ... just throwing that out there. 
Not much more I can say before I devolve into generic groupie fawning and salivation, so here's the stitch, Life Down Here is a Los Angeles based "audibly pop-punk with a hardcore edge" band who's released one album, "The Beginning" which you can order from their website (the Digipak CD + Hoodie + Baseball Tee),  iTunes, or listen to on Spotify. 

After the release of their album, the band released the music video for their kick-ass song, All That You Are. 

Who doesn't love punching glass?

Life Down Here is definitely a band worth keeping an eye out for. And believe you me, when they head this direction again, you'll hear about it from me much sooner than a day late.

Viva la Life Down Here!

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