Sunday, March 4, 2012


Album art for the Eve 6's Speak In Code.
When I mention Eve 6, I almost universally get confused looks. When I mention the song 'Inside Out', they instantly know who I am talking about. I never would have considered myself a musical connoisseur back in the day, but I am always surprised by this. Eve 6 had a lot of awesome songs people! And this is coming from a guy who didn't listen to anything past 1989 (except Dream Theater) until around 2007 and has been playing catch up ever since.

After disbanding in 2004, the 3 original band members of the California Rock band have reunited for a brand new album this year. The band is known for their hit singles "Inside Out" and "Here's to the Night". The new album Speak In Code, is scheduled for release April 26, 2012.

The band is most well known for their single 'Inside Out'.

Singer/bassist Max Collins had this to say on the new album, "Overall I'm really proud of it, and I think we're doing right by our fans, who've waited a long time for us to make another record. I think we're giving them something they'll enjoy. Once we got in the studio there was a lot of energy. There aren't any filler moments; each song has its purpose. This is the strongest collection of songs we've ever had on one record."

Eve 6 gives an exclusive insight into their story so far.

He also said, "In some of the songs frustration is a theme. I was sort of looking at difficult personal relationships with a humorous spin in some places, and with more earnestness in others. The title [Speak in Code] is a lyric from 'Curtain,' and there was something kind of evocative about it. In that song, I'm referring to being newly sober and just feeling like an open nerve, feeling freaked out, having people and life being sort of overwhelming. It's almost like people are speaking a language you don't understand."

The first released single from the new album, 'Lost and Found'.

Well, here's hoping the album will be as good as all those years ago. It is strange, seeing as the popularity of that style of what I would call late 90s, early 2000s rock died out half a decade ago, to listen to their released singles 'Lost and Found' and 'Victoria' fills me was a resounding amount of childhood nostalgia. Cheers.

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