Thursday, March 1, 2012


May 4th cannot come fast enough.
Ah, and who would have guessed that a self proclaimed nerd, a geek, (some might even go so far as to call me a mimir) that I would also be a Whedonite? In other words, if you dont like Boss Whedon, you still have time to back away slowly, mostly because I am nearsighted, and if you dont get too close I wont be able to track you for later and stash Firefly DVDs in your stockings at Christmas, ya filthy animal.

A party indeed, Mr. Stark

That said, within the last twenty four hours another trailer was released for the upcoming 2012 summer blockbuster release of the AVENGERS. This is a big deal for many reasons, the foremost is because if its done well, nerds will be jizzing in the pants globally come May 4th. If its not, then this may very well be traced by future historians to be the singular event which triggers an internet war between the most fanatical of Whedon and Marvel fans pointing fingers and flinging poo like the Left and Right at a congressional hearing. 

But looking at the trailer in the most objective way possible, I have to say that it looks gorram shiny to me. 

We get to see, as the press association puts it, "all the superheroes struggling to unite to save the world, amid a flurry of battles and explosions."

But thats not all, and not by a long shot. We get to see the conflict between Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, presumably battling for dominance of the group. We get to see crowds of citizens kneeling in between shots of the films main antagonist, Thors little brother Loki. We hear Bruce Banner declare,  Were not a team, were a time bomb! And amid this drama (Whedon at his best, perchance?), we get just enough action to have me salivating for more. 

And just look at that mother f***ing cast! 
Thus far the Avenger Trailers have resonated more with me than, say, the Dark Knight Rises, which shows bare skeletal snippets, enough to pique my interest, but mostly based upon remaining feelings of goodwill from Nolans previous two installments less than anything appearing in the trailer ... save the Bat-Wing. Now that looks badass.

Also worth noting in the newly released The Amazing Spider-Man trailer, which having re-watched Sam Raimis 2002 Spider-Man immediately after, looks like a hellovan improvement. 

Okay ... that's just cool.
Sadly, you cannot fully judge a film based on the trailer (although with some you wonder why not), but based on what Ive seen, the Avengers promises to be a action packed, wittily written story of dysfunction and teamwork (with lots of explosions). Cheers.
I think they need a time out. ~ Agent Coulson 

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