Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting Back Into the Swing

I ... am completely out of it. I have ... nothing to report on. The hell happened? Are there no movies out? Books? Albums? Games?


That said ... it's been a while since I ... cared about something enough to log on here and write about it. The Wolverine? It was okay. Kinda 'tarded at points. Better than the first one. Hugh Jackman is still hot. But nothing splendiferous. Man of Steel was ... something. Star Trek Into Darkness. 

Or in games, GTAV and Saints Row 4 ... but really ... meh. 

Pop culture just hasn't been catching my eye. I don't rightly know what it is. I'm hella burned out on superhero movies for one thing, just bar-none done. They've so overhyped I've lost all interest. It's just a monopoly on the film franchise at this point and games? Other than the Kickstarter projects ... I couldn't care less about Triple A developers. They gave us Dead Space 3. I rest my case.

Thank Cthulhu for books. Since this semester has been particularly hammering my sanity (this does not admittedly explain my absence over the summer which was spent in my basement rewatching Battlestar Galactica on Netflix), I have resorted to using alarms to denote when I do certain things with ... moderate success. Reading and writing (Blog/Fiction) are going well. Waking up in time for Production Lab on Monday at 8? Not going so well.

But, being inspired to learn more about the Cyberpunk movement as it was in the 80s, I picked up that old chestnut, Neuromancer by William Gibson and holy shit. I love it. It's fast paced, and being of a more fantasy genre background, fast paced in always refreshing to me. There's no time for a hundred page birthday party when you're jacked in (I am a total Tolkien fanboy, so I don't mean that in a bad way, but ... well, it's true). 

Reading Neuromancer reminds me of when I was sixteen and picked up Neal Stephenson for the first time. Snow Crash blew me away. Until then I had only ever read Tolkien and Donaldson's fantasy writings (as well as other unknown fantasy authors), and I hardly knew what I was reading.

This isn't much of an article or a review, I know, but I'm working myself back into my old snarky groove. Leave me a comment and some loving so I know I'm not alone out here in the wonderful world of Cyberspace.