Saturday, March 17, 2012


Warner Bro. taking a stab at the abandoned King adaptation.
Chatter around the Star Bucks (don't worry, I know a Barista there who is secretly a nerd too) says that Warner Bros. is "very close"--sure it is--to making a deal to bring Stephen King's post-apocalyptic fantasy western to the big and little screen simultaneously, and, reportedly, director Ron Howard is still attached to the project, which is cool, cause gingers are cool. 

Last summer Universal studios dropped the Dark Tower project, much to my chagrin.

And they had cast Javier Bardem as Roland for Cthulhu's sake!
Despite being dropped by Universal though, producer Brian Grazer said that 'he and his partners' were determined to find the Dark Tower film trilogy a home elsewhere. Not long after, word trickled through the grapevine that the Television portion of the series, which had been set for NBC, would instead air on HBO ... which just sounds cooler in so many ways.

So now they have purchased Akiva Goldsman's script, applying the finishing polish, and aiming for the first quarter of 2013. 

One does not simply...hold on, that's not right.
I think I've made my opinion of Stephen King abundantly clear in previous articles, but I love the idea of this project, for several reasons. I loved the Gunslinger. It wasn't until books later that my feet began to drag behind me like an anchor. With the duality of airing the 'backbone of the series' as the film trilogy, and a concurrent television series filling in the gaps, I can skip over the endless pages that an editor failed to notice the aimlessness of, by simply failing to watch the show, unless of course the show surprises me and I love it. And I'm always open to being surprised. Case in point, Matt Smith

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