Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Guy Pearce turned his grittiness up to 11.
Coming to a theater near you on April 13 2012 is Guy Pearce as Hugh Jackman playing Snake Plissken, only he's not Hugh Jackman (although he looks a lot like him) and he's not Kurt Russel (no eyepatch), and he's not escaping from anywhere. He's Snow ("loose cannons" don't need surnames) breaking into an orbiting space prison to rescue the president's daughter (Maggie Grace) from the prisoners who have taken control all to clear his own name of the crime he didn't commit in a race against time before the station crashes. Man, this sounds so original it almost hurts. Anyone else plan to sing along upon the film's momentous release, cause I sure know I will.

I think he just dropped something really important, like a Twinkie.
Now don't get me wrong, Guy Pearce is one of my favorite actors. Momento was wonderfully done and he and Jeremy Irons were the best part of the The Time Machine, but seriously ... this movie has all the ingredients of summer blockbuster flop.

Conversely, it could just be a damn fun romp, what with the plucky male/female duo in a race against time and baddies amid extravagant visuals. Besides, I loved Expendables, so I can't let myself get too hoity-toity. That's for the professional critics who can afford to be all snarky and whatnot.

I can see him thinking, "And if I time this right, I can still make it home for my soaps."
So, in the meantime, have fun with the trailer popping up on your youtube videos until the time of the release and we'll see which side the coin lands on, shall we?

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