Thursday, June 5, 2014

THROWBACK THURSDAY: On Roller Coaster Tycoon

So originally I wanted to rib on Iron Man 3 for my first Throwback Thursday post. Then last night, while digging through old CDs, I came across a copy of the original Roller Coaster Tycoon, and in a fit of I-Don't-Want-To-Go-To-Bed-Before-3AM I fired up the old girl, dusted the polish, and spent a good ten minutes trying to remember the interface. Also, I might have stolen said CD from my best friend, the Jew. I feel I should apologize. 

Alas I enjoyed the game too much to feel sorry. 

This game dominated my childhood. Before the age of 9, I'm pretty sure it was the only game I owned other than a 3D version of Clue and a copy of the Mummy that wouldn't play on my Dad's computer in the basement. Mine was a video-game-free childhood, filled with romping adventures in the backyard and books way too advanced for my age, like Tolkien, Donaldson, and that one time I tried to read Bertrand Russel. I gave up because I couldn't keep track of all the Greek Philosopher's names. But that? That's not important. I'm here to rave about a video game that overpowers all other memories.

Funnily enough, I finished Forest Frontiers in a single sitting, which, while not hard, I remember being a hellova lot more difficult as a single-digit-aged munchkin. When I was growing up, all I cared about was building the coolest, topsy-turviest most badass-omest roller-coaster in the ever of all time.

Now? I was concerned with the effectiveness of my maintenance staff. I had mapped out where each handy-man would go, and his specific duties to ensure the most efficient running of my first park in over a decade. Apparently, I grew up. 

There is no god.

~ Godzello

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