Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Pop Culture Rant on What I Hate

This ... this I love.
It's strange that the genres I fell in love with are turning against me. If you allow me to digress for a paragraph or two ... or three, ah who knows. I tend to ramble. 

There is a strange three-way schism in pop culture. We are drowning in Apocalypses, Monsters, and Superheroes. Normally, these three things are at the top of my list, but in a day and age where what seems like more than 90% of pop culture has to be remakes, re-imaginings, and sequels, I just want to yell, "ENOUGH ALREADY!" 

I've noticed a steady downhill trend in my movie going, nerdy-excitement experience since about 2009. Media has turned to shit. I know this because I can go back and see why I was excited for these films. They were fairly novel concepts! 

Action was represented with Liam Neeson being terrifying on the phone and a bunch of Americans shooting Hitler in the face in Taken and Inglourius BasterdsSci-Fi did have the action packed Star Trek prequel, but it also had District 9, which knocked my socks off, as well as Pandorum, which carried flavors from the 90s Event HorizonTerry Gilliam knocked fantasy on its face with The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Superhero movies had Zack Snyder's love letter to Alan Moore's comic of the same name, WatchmenRomance kicked guys in the balls with (500) Days of Summer and nursed them back to health with I Love You, Man.

I loved all these movies, and partially cause I didn't see exactly where they were going. This year, I barely left my house to bother, and when I did, I was frustrated. I wrote long reviews denouncing Prometheus and Dark Knight Rises' quality. I did, admittedly enjoy Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers a lot. 

The only novel concepts this year were Chronicle and Cabin in the Woods. I admittedly need to see Cloud Atlas and I look forward to Lincoln

I'm just damned frustrated and you people all need to know it. I mean aren't you guys tired of tired tropes that media and pop culture is beating our creativity, integrity, and sense of quality to death with?

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