Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This book was fantastic (and I'm a whovian, so you know when I say fantastic, I f***ing mean it).

That said, I love Kevin Smith more than I do his films. The man is a natural born storyteller, but for a man who built his career around his love for movies ... he doesn't do much more than stick his actors in front of a camera and let them talk... and talk ... and talk.

But that's okay. If anyone has ever enjoyed a Kevin Smith interview or any of his many Q&As, this books is a must have. Even if not, he spins an amusing tail that is sincerely Kevin Smith. Of all the men I look up to, I cannot think of a more open and honest one than Kevin Smith. His diplomacy skills are "not giving a f***" and this book is no exception. 

I mean, I love his humor. It is dick and fart jokes, with this underlying intelligence that just because you say f*** and make dick and fart jokes, doesn't mean you can't articulate yourself intellectually. Like his films, Smith, the epitomeous Silent Bob, dishes out cold and honest, funny and hilarious, harsh truths about where he came from.

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